A bail bond is a legal contract that is prepared by a bail bondsman or surety. It guarantees the appearance of the accused in court and ensures payment to satisfy a judgment. The defendant or the person who has been charged with an offense can be released from custody until trial if they can provide proof of responsibility by providing security such as a cashier’s check, property, or securities that are worth more than the amount of the bail set for their release. The amount will depend on their risk level, age and release terms.

In the California, bail bonds are typically required to be posted by a third party who is not yourself. A bond is usually set in advance at the local jail or upon your arraignment. The amount of the bond will depend on the severity of the charge and the person’s criminal history.

We have a few different check in options we would have set you up for upon your release. You may be checking in via our website here, via our form fill option. You may also be required to check in person at one of our local office locations. We also have special requirements that must be met for some higher risk bail bonds that we do in California. These include mobile app check in options and gps monitoring as well.

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